Parker Independent Insurance Broker

The beautiful city of Parker, CO was in need of an amazing insurance broker. This is how Parker Independent Insurance Broker was born. We are a full service independent insurance agency that opened shop several years ago with the goal of providing quality insurance to our community. Luckily, we have been going strong with the intention that we will continue to develop and grow into the future. However, our clients make this happen and we know that we would not see the success that we see now without our customers.

About Us

Our customer service is superior to all the other brokerage agencies in Parker, CO. This is because we actively train and provide intentional customer service. What does intentional service mean? It means that our employees and staff will be focused and mindful about their interaction with customers. They will be intentional about the way they communicate and will not settle for anything less than elite customer service.


    Our Services

    We do homeowners insurance, toy insurance, auto insurance in Parker, and umbrella insurance policies. What else would you expect from a Colorado insurance agent with a positive reputation of success and client care? As an independent insurance agent, there is no delay or red tape to wade through. We will make immediate decisions and get you answers on your insurance within a short period of time.


    Parker CO Insurance

    Parker CO Insurance also known as The Colorado Insurance Agent.  That title speaks for itself. Say “the” with some emphasis and know that we are THE Colorado insurance agent that potential customers should choose. Our work speaks for itself and our happy clients continue to come back for the best coverage in the region. That is because Parker Independent Insurance Broker provides superior customer service with the best coverage available. Get qualified and approved fast with our independent license and be in and out in minutes.


    Home Insurance

    Homes are the pride and joy of our lives. We work hard throughout our lives to be able to afford a home that is warm and comfortable. So, why settle for anything but the best coverage possible for your most prized possession? Choose our insurance brokerage and see how we can get your home covered for our area. Wildfires, snowstorms, and vandalism are all phenomenon’s that lead to damaged property. Contact us to see if we can get you covered.


    Auto Insurance

    Another prized possession that you spend hours of your time working to pay for. Automobiles are more vulnerable to damage since they are moving on the road where you are reliant on other drivers to be focused and following the rules. However, this is not always the case. And on top of watching for other drivers, you also have to be mindful of the wildlife in our wonderful state. They always seem to cross at the last minute and, unfortunately, they don’t always make it. See how you can be covered for the dangerous driving conditions that surround you daily.

    “The dream hog. The ride that I have always wanted was finally in my possession. Now, I just had to learn how to drive it and prepare for my first road trip to Sturgis. Well, I got my lessons and license, but didn’t have coverage. I noticed that Parker Independent Insurance Broker offered toy insurance, so I contacted them and got covered immediately! Now, I am just hoping I don’t need to use it when I take my road trip next week!” – John T


    “I absolutely love dealing with Parker Independent Insurance Broker. They make it easy to pay my bill or adjust my coverage. I love their customer service, and I love the level of coverage that I have on my home, house, and boat. Everyone should use this brokerage for superior service!” – Alana M


    “Well, I was no longer eligible for coverage and had to file a SR-22. I had no idea where to start or what it meant so I contacted Parker Independent Insurance Broker. The agent was really kind and I sensed no judgement from him as he explained SR-22 in detail. I am blown away at the assistance that I received and the level of respect I was provided. This place rules.” – Timmy T


    Toy Insurance

    Yes, your kids can now have their toys insured! No, we are not talking about these toys! We are talking about those toys that we adults love to spend our hard-earned money on. Motorcycles, jet-skis, snowmobiles, campers, and four-wheelers. These are the toys we are talking about. The toys that we dream of as kids and then indulge on as adults. Additionally, some of these toys are mostly used in intense situations where they are at risk of damage. Not everyone can cover toys or refuse to do so. We are willing to take on this task, so stop in and get covered as soon as possible.



    We understand that mistakes happen, and people may struggle to qualify for regular insurance. This is where the SR-22 form comes in. Come to us and get the insurance and verification that the state is looking for. The SR-22 requires that you maintain a minimal amount of coverage as dictated by the government. If you are in this situation, then we are excited to help you with the process. Get the SR-22 form and the minimal coverage that is required to get back on the road.

    Parker Independent Insurance Broker - SR-22 1

    Umbrella Insurance

    Umbrella insurance extends beyond home, toy, and auto insurance. It provides liability coverage that activates once the liability coverage on these other policies reach their limit. Why is it good? Umbrella insurance may help in the case of lawsuits, false arrest, libel, and slander, too. It is far reaching and a necessity in our society where the value of vehicles, life, and property continue to rise. We recommend umbrella insurance for everyone, regardless of social status.


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    Contact Us Today

    We can be reached by phone or email request. In addition to these contact methods, our doors are open for people who need to pay a bill or discuss an insurance matter. Although, we highly recommend reaching out to us by phone to arrange an appointment before coming in. Our customer service is standing by to assist you with any issue that you may be facing, so contact us during regular scheduled business hours to see how we can help.