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Umbrella Insurance - Helps Protect You

Umbrella insurance is useful for anyone who has full or partial coverage. Once liability coverage is exhausted on an insurance policy, then that is where umbrella insurance comes in. Our umbrella insurance can make all the difference in having that extra coverage for the large accident or problem that your normal insurance just comes up short on. We provide umbrella insurance because we want our clients to know that they will be completely covered with the additional insurance. Whether you have full insurance or less-than adequate coverage, umbrella insurance can be beneficial.

Lawsuit Assistance

Some umbrella insurance coverage options are able to help with lawsuits following a major accident. The litigious society that we live in means that people are willing sue for simple things and as fast as possible. Outrageous lawsuit fees can be partially or sometimes fully covered by umbrella insurance. Our experts are standing by to help clients with selecting the proper umbrella insurance. Get one that helps with lawsuit assistance, or perhaps just settle on one that helps with exhausted accident coverage. Either way, umbrella insurance is a must-have for all people. We never know when a bad accident could arise, and we want you to be covered when it does.

False Arrest

A false arrest may seem like a small deal, but it can quickly alter the path of one’s life. Especially if a person gets arrested and put in jail for an extended period of time. False arrests can lead to job loss, hard to remove information on a public record, and a negative history that clings to you. Believe it or not, umbrella insurance can assist with this. The liability, of getting a false arrest removed from a record, lies solely on the shoulders of the wrongfully accused. Umbrella insurance can assist with the costs of having the false arrest removed.

Home and Auto Extended Coverage

Home and auto insurance are limited on the extent of their coverage both financially and medically. The more expensive the accident, the less likely that it will be fully covered. Umbrella insurance is standing by, in our office, ready to be added to your monthly insurance plan to provide that extended coverage option for any major accident that you don’t see coming. After all, that is what insurance does best. Pay for it slowly, so that in the end, it will pay for you when you least expect it.

Cost of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance will add on a minor fee increase to your insurance costs. Parker Independent Insurance Broker will always strive to provide affordable insurance that is competitive with other insurance agencies in the city. Our increased services, with decreased costs, means that our customers will always win when they choose our broker for insurance needs. And, in the end, the few dollars a month will seem like nothing when the purchased umbrella insurance steps in to handle the extra costs associated with the exhausted liability portion of your insurance.

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