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Toys make our lives more enjoyable and interesting. Starting as small kids who use action figures and barbies, to being adults with boats and motorcycles, humans have always loved their toys. And, Parker Independent Insurance Broker loves to provide insurance coverage on all of your grown-up toys. We want to help you enjoy your hard-earned money by ensuring that your toys are all completely covered. Ride your bike late into the summer evenings and throughout the beautiful mountains of northern Colorado with the comfort of knowing that your ride is safe and insured.

Boat Insurance

The lakes of Colorado are majestic, if not somewhat congested at times. Taking a boat on the water can already be dangerous, especially for inexperienced boaters. Congestion can make the waters even more dangerous, so quality insurance is a must-have before you take your boat on the waterways. We have a variety of boat insurance options to help you choose what is best for you. A client who takes their boat out once a month needs a different coverage option from someone who takes a boat out a few times a week. Our agents know the options very well and will help any boater get quality coverage.

Quads, Dirt-bikes, and Rangers

Four-wheelers, dirt-bikes, and side-by-sides are all vehicles that are used for adventures in the mountains and for going off the trail. These vehicles have to be insured in order to be used in town, on public highways, and on some public lands. We can provide advice and information on when these have to be insured. If you are uncertain on whether your vehicle needs insured or not, then call us to have a conversation with an agent who can give you all the information you need for your off-road adventurer.

Creative Insurance Options

Our insurance agents are just as creative with toy insurance as they are with auto insurance. There is no limit to the toys that can be insured, or the type of insurance coverage that is available. Get insurance coverage in an expedient manner so that you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors of Colorado. We are creative and unique in our insurance options because we believe that our clients deserve the best. Your insurance coverage will be custom for you and no two coverage options will be the same. Get insured by the best and most creative company around.

Fast Coverage

Since we are independent, we can make fast choices on your insurance. There is no corporate red tape or layers of bureaucracy to wade through with our company. We have brokers who can make decisions and sign off on the necessary paperwork to get our clients covered fast. Any insurance can be approved fast and easy, sometimes in as little as an hour or less. Don’t waste your valuable time in an insurance office when it could be spent in the great outdoors. Come to our independent broker and get approved in no time.

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