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A house is often the most expensive purchase that any of us will make in a lifetime. In Parker, CO, the average home price is nearly $500,000. A half a million dollars. This is more than some people will see in a lifetime of earnings. So, why not get the best coverage in the city for your expansive home? A history of wildfires has shown that your precious home means nothing to mother nature. Fires have swept through some of the most beautiful towns in our state. We hope that it doesn’t happen in Parker, but we want to help our community be financially prepared.

Fire Danger

Wildfires sweep through Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Utah every year. Massive damage occurs from these fires. They do not discriminate as they sweep through the lands and destroy foliage, homes, and other structures as they roar their way around the land. Parker, CO has been fortunate so far, but that doesn’t mean that we will always be fortunate. Only a couple years earlier, some beautiful homes near Colorado Springs were destroyed as fires raged through the summer. Come to the best broker in the area and see how we can help you get covered for natural disasters.

Snow and Ice Damage

It is not secret that we live in one of the most pristine areas of the country where snow and ice regularly accumulate during the winter. Snow levels can rapidly accrue and lead to collapse roofs or damaged gutters and siding. Furthermore, improperly installed shingles and roofing cause ice-damming which push against roofing and siding material. Ice-damming is a serious matter as it will quickly enforce its will onto anything that stands in the way. This includes your home and the material that hold it together. Don’t pay an arm and a leg for these repairs by seeing what coverage you can be approved for.

Vandalism and Break-ins

Our beautiful city is not without crime. Native citizens of Parker, or outsiders, can vandalize or break into homes. This is a sad truth of life and is something that we want to cover. Most people will qualify in a short time for home coverage that will protect them from vandalism and break-ins. If you want to see if you qualify, then we ask that you contact one of our agents via phone or email or stop by our office to speak with someone in person.

Beloved Pets

Pets, the wild beasts that we have tamed and transitioned into living with us. These animals are expected to behave themselves, not scratch, chew, or leave any bodily discharge in our homes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and it is not uncommon for animals to rebel and severely damage property. Furthermore, if you own certain breeds of dogs, then you may have to pay an increased cost for coverage or may not be eligible for home or rental coverage. We can explain this to you when you reach out to an agent or broker.

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